Aacharoskas at Palladium Social!

First time unlucky!

Two dramatically different experiences at Palladium Social. The first was a relaxed, early in the evening, catch-up on conversation with the husband. The next visit was a 35 people office gig to Socialize the night away and chill. The chatty evening was not stand-out in any noticeable way, except maybe for the gunpowder Calamari and the conversation. The loaded nachos were decent and passed muster but the Margarita was utterly and synthetically sweet. It was a sore disappointment and brought the HRC frozen ones yearningly to mind. I managed to drink it down after adding almost a gallon of lime juice and ice. We came away from Palladium Social with a may-not-revisit kind of feeling.


Palladium Social - Sausages in barbecue sauce

Night to remember at Palladium Social

But I was back there with the office gang right the next night! What a ‘night to remember’ that was – Bryan Adams would have been really happy! We got in early and managed two parallel long tables, creating our own mini Party zone. The place filled up fast and was totally buzzing. ‘Letting our hair down’ would be too mild a way to state it. We did everything from creating an impromptu dance floor, to push-up competitions, to creating a racket that could be heard on the other side of the mall, to one of the guys almost getting picked up by a gay couple!

Palladium Social - Nachos

Palladium Social - Gunpowder calamari

A veritable food orgy!

The table was full to overflowing with food! Surprisingly good, melt-in-the-mouth chicken sausages in a barbecue sauce, decent Lebanese platters, just about okay fish-n-chips and stodgy pasta. Also, the cheesy nachos and gunpowder calamari made a reappearance. Everyone loved the noodles and fried rice Oriental bowls. Above all, the discovery of the evening – the delightful Aacharoska. Served in a ‘cute as a button’ pickle jar, this was a Caipiroska with the kick of a lime pickle. I managed to down four of these over the course of the evening. I will be bach and repeatedly (said in Arnie style) just to guzzle these in copious quantities!

Palladium Social - Cheesy fries Palladium Social - Thai platter

In conclusion

To sum up, the chain of Socials focuses on creating an atmosphere where a gang of people can chill. Also relax over drinks (Acharoskas!) and some good food!  More power to you and may the force be with you!

Palladium Social - Aacharoska

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