Plum by Bent chair – eat the (Asian) food, ditch the furniture!

Asian haven – Baos, Dimsum, Sushi et al

A novel concept (at least in Mumbai) of an Asian restaurant that also doubles up as a lifestyle store. You can buy anything you see at Plum by Bent Chair! 100ft boutique restaurant in Bangalore has a similar concept. Be prepared for some really uncomfortable seating though as lounge chairs and sofas double up for dining chairs.  The mismatched furniture adds a quirky look to the place. The windows along the length of the restaurant let in a lot of natural light which feels almost theatrical. The photo-shoot with a 7 feet tall model in an exotic gown added to the glamour quotient. I wish they would lose all the artificial plants suspended from the ceiling which make the place cave-like. Enough said about the decor and on to the food!

Plum by Bent chair - uncomfy chairs

Truffle makes the world go round

The offering at Plum by Bent chair is Asian spanning Baos, Dimsum, Sushi, Thai curries, Stir fries, Bento boxes et al. The truffle white clear soup drew us like magnets. Truffle does make everything taste better and so it was with this edamame and mushroom soup. Subtle, delicate flavours in this soup – definitely worthy of a reorder on subsequent visits. Next up were the truffle edamame dumplings – you can never have enough truffle! The dumpling skin was mercifully thin ensuring the taste was right up there alongwith the greats like Yauatcha.
Plum by Bent chair - Truffle edamame dumplings

Squirting fish croquettes

Zero-in on the Singapore curried fish croquettes next! These crumb-fried patties enclose the juiciest fish that I have ever had. The juices actually squirt out of the croquette, so beware! It managed to soil my dress but for you my juicy, little morsels of heaven, a thousand times over!

O Sushi queue, baby I love you

Since this was our first visit, we sampled a wider selection of the menu. Given our normal proclivities, we would have dived straight into the sushi section and stayed there! We went with the chef’s recommendation Salmon spicy mayo Uramaki – thumbs up on the flavouring. The Prawn tempura Uramaki completed the other part of the sushi duo we ordered. Clearly a worthy addition to the Best Sushi in Mumbai list has been discovered!

Truffle yet again!

Okay, I have to admit that my obsession with truffles borders on mania. That’s why I could not pass on the Truffle Shimizu fried rice. Jasmine fried rice, mushrooms and truffle infused scrambled eggs – great choice again. Subtle flavours that went well with the Toban chilli seafood that we ordered as our main dish.

Plum by bent chair - Truffle fried rice

Reason to be back?

So many sections of the menu yet to be sampled. The small plates, bento boxes (like a Japanese thali), the baos and of course systematically working our way through the sushi menu. The novel Nutella Uramaki sushi alone should be worthy of multiple revisits

Final verdict

During the course of the meal, you will figure that it’s your back that bends and not the spoon, sorry chair! If you are willing to put up with some discomfort for some great Asian food, then beat a path to Plum by Bent chair.

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