90 seconds Keto bread : it’s life-changing!

Do-good and feel-good

Clearly carbs are the new enemy and not fat. While I am not a follower of the Keto diet, the husband does follow a low-carb one. Unfortunately most of the “do-good” stuff in life does not “feel-good”. Healthy bread recipes had been tried in the past with very little success. The end product always looked okayish but tasted vile. A seedy flaxseed bread has been my worst experiment ever! There is no way I could fool the palate into believing the dried out, chewy stuff I was eating was anywhere close to bread. Till the life changing Keto bread by Headbanger’s kitchen!

Keto bread

It’s a miracle

This Keto bread is made with almond flour. In a mug, in the microwave. In 90 seconds! You have to just lay your eyes on this pillowy soft bread to become an instant convert. The egg and almond flour help dial-up the protein quotient. No wheat flour, so the carb quotient is dialled way down. And the convenience of it! The whole thing from start to finish will take barely 4 -5 minutes of your time. 

How to

All it takes is to stir some melted and cooled butter, almond flour (I used the Urban platter one and sieved it to remove lumps), an egg and some baking powder in a mug and microwave for 90 seconds. Upturn the mug and out slides the airy, light as a feather, steaming Keto bread. You can cut it into roundels and use it like normal bread slices. Finally, watch the butter melt into this airy delight and get a mouthful. Ditch the carbs and hitch to this wagon I say!

A health freak but dessert obsessed? Try the heavenly Tahini almond cookies by Pooja Dhingra. Or order up some Healthy treats from Divya – gluten-free to low carb to hi-protein desserts.

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