Oh Sushi Queue! Best Sushi in Mumbai

Best Sushi in Mumbai

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways……Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 had it just right when it comes to Sushi, Sashimi and me. Douglas Adams would of course have replied with the universal answer to every question – 42. Sushi and Sashimi of all shapes and sizes (even the gigantic Futomaki) are welcome – all is grist that comes to this mill! The only necessary condition is the absolute freshness of the fish. So let’s take a look at the list of Best sushi in Mumbai restaurants.

Sashimi bento at Wasabi

Best Sushi in Mumbai - Prawn tempura at POH

Best sushi in Mumbai - Kode

Hamachi sashimi - Kofuku Mumbai

Innovation over Tradition

There appear to be two distinctive approaches to sushi creation. The no-nonsense one that relies on the freshness and quality of the seafood to see it through with basic rolls and the inventive, slightly showy artistic approach. Wasabi would be from the former school while Kofuku clearly falls into the latter category. I must admit to liking the innovative approach more though Wasabi steals a march over Kofuku with the sheer quality and authenticity of ingredients. List of the Best sushi in Mumbai follows.

Best sushi in Mumbai

  1. Wasabi – the attentive Taj service will warm the cockles of your heart. Lunch is a better bet at this place not only for the amazing view of the Gateway of India and the Arabian sea but more importantly for the VFM Bento boxes which are not available for dinner. My favourite one is the Sashimi set – the perfect showcase for the amazing, fresh seafood. Splash out on the Omakase (Chef’s special) 8 course menu when you are feeling particularly indulgent or celebrating an occasion. At roughly 6k per head, a meal at Wasabi can only be an ‘occasion’al indulgence but there is a reason why it tops the Best sushi in Mumbai list
  2. Kofuku – never disappoints – I have never had a bad meal here. It would top the list of Best Sushi in Mumbai if price-point and VFM is of primary importance. Don’t miss the OMG roll, the Unagi eel roll (fiercely expensive), the artistic Cherry blossom, the Prawn tempura roll, the Philadelphia roll with its cream cheese goodness, the Tuna tataki, the Hamachi sashimi, the Spinach goma salad (yes really!), the miso cod, the baked Lobster, the ginger pork and the green tea ice-cream
  3. POH – while the Japanese food is only a small part of the larger Asian menu, the textured Prawn tempura roll, the Unagi roll, the spicy Salmon and the expensive but super sashimi are not to be missed
  4. Yukka – pricey as hell (Wasabi level) but stylish haute cuisine. Try the Shrimp explosion maki, the O-toro sashimi, the Chilean sea-bass and the Coconut dome.
  5. Pa Pa Ya – the (Sushi) Matrix has you! Upgrade to the boat if you have an unbridled appetite for sushi. The Ebi tempura roll, the squid ink roll, the Valentine roll and the Hamachi sashimi are worthy of your attention
  6. Foo – An Asian tapas Bistro from the Tham brothers located in the busy Phoenix mills. Take a break from shopping and load up on Nikkei school of sushi (and sashimi) with Peruvian influences.
  7. Soi 69 – South Mumbai can now access food originating from The Blue in Bandra without waiting in long queues!
  8. Shiro’s legendary unlimited sushi lunch buffet at 1000/- per head is complete VFM. Focus on the New York, Philadelphia and the Crispy avocado roll. Add-on the Sashimi salad, the Black cod miso and the Hibachi rice or try the Teppanyaki bar
  9. Umame / Joss – sushi boat awesomeness, great quality sashimi as well
  10. Fenix – sushi bar at the Oberoi, great rolls, especially the Scottish salmon ones

Next in line

  1. Plum by bent chair – latest entrant with a limited range of rolls but completely on-point as far as freshness of the fish and flavour goes
  2. Kode – a part of the Zorawar Kalra empire (so is Pa Pa Ya), this place tries hard but may not be on point always. The Hamachi yuzu sushi or the spicy Tuna rolls are good
  3. Shizusan – okayish but at a great price point
  4. San qi –mediocre and not the best price point being housed at Four seasons
  5. Fatty Bao – basic rolls, good quality but seasoning of the rice is not on point
  6. Fifty-five east – part of the unlimited buffet but of a fairly limited range and the quality seems to have deteriorated over time
  7. Seven kitchens Palladium – limited range of middling rolls and sashimi
  8. Guppy at Olives – decent but failed the price-quality test, with the  rolls coming apart
  9. Koko – decent but who puts MSG in rolls?
  10. JW Café – at the Mariott in Juhu, part of the buffet
  11. Keiba – the higher end version of Shizushan, the price point is just too high for the similar quality of sushi

Kofuku - Unagi sushi

POH - Unagi

Sushi n more, Sushi-koi, Global fusion do not make the cut and The Blue, Izumi and Yugo yet to be sampled

Sashimi platter - Shizusan

If you are a fan of Asian food then check out Asian style tapas at Foo Mumbai. And the latest entrant for affordable (not only) Japanese food  – Happy Thai. Also check the review for Kofuku – my best bet for modern sushi.

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    Oh oh I would like to disagree here… Sushi koi definitely makes the cut and you should now head to Izumi , newly opened at Bandra for sushi and ramen…its seriously good food …

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