Audrey Hepburn – the forever girl

The word psych-evaluation game

I want you to play a game with me. The ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ psych-evaluation game. The only twist in the tale is that my words will always be about food. So if I say a word, what’s the visual movie image or scene that comes to your mind? Ready? JALEBI.  Did you think of Dev Patel (saara sher usse LOIN ke naam se jaanta hai) biting into an Imarti or Omriti? Which is quite different from a Jalebi let me assure you. And pronouncing that he is from Kolkata and that he is lost. If you thought of Malika Sherawat, I can only tsk, tsk in sympathy. There really is no hope left for you.

I scream…..

Okay another one coming up. ICE-CREAM. Quick, fast, don’t think too much. What did you see? Strange I did not see this one coming! So many ice-cream scenes in movies but I keep seeing Audrey Hepburn licking her ice-cream cone in a most unprincess-like fashion. The forever girl stored away in the recesses of the mind. To be recalled on (in)appropriate occasions. Or maybe in a Freud-like decoding of this event, I can attribute it to the scars of my childhood.

Why o why?

My hair was always kept ‘Audrey Hepburn’ short in the forlorn hope (mother’s) that I would grow to be as poised and beautiful as Audrey. Only succeeding in dashing my hopes of ever acquiring a boyfriend. Glasses and a boycut being doubly daunting! Also, I now get why my otherwise well-behaved cousin always ate her ice-cream in an Audrey-like fashion! Give me a 5 dollar milkshake with Uma and John any day. And let’s leave the Peck and Audreys Hepburn for the mothers.

Audrey Hepburn - Princess diaries!

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