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Hope for Bengali food lovers

Bengali food lovers are starved for choice with prices at Oh Calcutta having crossed all lines and boundaries! The Mumbai editions of Kolkata favourites Bijoli grill and Bhojohari Manna too are nowhere close to the originals. In fact, they give rise to nostalgia for the authentic Bengali food. In this scenario, Peetuk Mumbai brings hope and gastronomical contentment to all of us hankering for the real deal.

Peetuk’s home style cooking delivers an authentic taste while not going overboard on the oil and spices. Also the warm service at Peetuk Mumbai gives the delish food even more of an edge. Go the whole hog and start with the vegetarian food first. No, really! A proper full course Bengali meal has to start with a Shukto. A medley of vegetables in a ginger-mustard sauce. Including ones like karela or mooli to impart a palate cleansing bitter flavour. A personal favourite and Peetuk gets this spot-on.

Bengali Vegetarian dishes – yes such a thing exists!

Next up the bhaja mooger (roasted moong) daal – unique and very distinctive of Bengali food. Try this with some ghee, the wafer thin Jhuri bhaja (potato fries) and the Bhetki fish fry. Follow this with the calming and sleep inducing poppy seed paste Alu posto or you could have the Labra, a mix of vegetables cooked to almost a mash with panch phoron ( tempered spices) in mustard oil or the potato cauliflower Kalia or curry.

Fish, mutton and Biryani

The fish course follows – either the banana leaf wrapped mustard fish Paturi, the fish kalia or the Illish bhapa for those who can handle the myriad bones which seem to impact a maxi flavour punch to this queen of fishes. An array of Bengali food would be incomplete without a meat course – opt for the home style, slow cooked Kosha mangsho with luchis or puris.

If your cast-iron stomach has withstood this assault then wrap with the Dum style mutton biryani – unmissable this and clearly differentiates the men from the boys (oily spicy versions). The Bengali tomato chatni provides the sweet note to this meal. The only downside to an otherwise faultless meal is that Peetuk does not have any desserts on the menu, so organise some to complete the Experience.

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